Frozen Food

Dough Rolls


120 transparent prepacked dough rolls enter the TLM packaging line every production minute from the right in five lanes and are picked up by the second and third sub-machines – the first three robot arms – and placed into the infeed chain of a Fuji flowwrapping machine. After packaging into the bags, fully packed Duo puff pastry rolls are collected in the fourth and fifth TLM sub-machine and placed in the shipping carton. In the fifth sub-machine, a box erecting machine, the shipping cartons are erected and then run, from left to right, contrary to the dough rolls. The shipping carton is closed in the first sub-machine, seen from the right. Alternatively, on this line individually packed dough rolls (in printed foil) are also inserted directly into the shipping cartons at a rate of up to 120 rolls per minute. Conversion of the machine from one product/carton format to another is carried out within a few minutes.

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